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Amboh, literally fabric yarn in Khmer, is a new original shoe brand making espadrilles in Cambodia. Handmade from cotton fabric such as Cambodian Krama, and jute sole, it is a must for the Cambodian way of life.
The espadrilles are made in Phnom Penh, in Amboh’s ethical workshop where we gather both shop, workshop and office.
All the fabrics we use have been traded in Cambodia and the most iconic one, Cambodian Krama, which is traditionally made by countryside families, is definitely part of the brand's identity. Amboh Espadrille has been designed for any situation from casual, classy, simple to fashion.

Espadrilles you said ?

Espadrille, originally made from south west part of France, is a casual easy to wear “slip-on” shoe made from natural products. A very popular type of shoe in the summer time, convenient and original.
Everyone will find his own inspiration either through the designed collection or among the number of fabrics we have in the shop. Customization is the seductive alternative to enjoy from a unique style.

Amboh's team


Because our products are handmade, there is an added value to each espadrille and a true willingness to foster ethical practices. We do hope that through our brand, people will be more likely to appreciate the unique handicraft in Cambodia and promote local businesses.
Running an ethical brand was one of the leitmotiv to start Amboh. Using eco-friendly materials such as natural jute sole and cotton fabrics allows us to be sustainable and not harmful for the environment.
Amboh Espadrille also shares ethical values in regards to its employees and the applied working conditions. The idea is not just to comply with local regulations, but to offer good working conditions, fair salaries and real long-term perspectives. Furthermore we attach great importance to pay fair prices to our Cambodian suppliers for their products.
At Amboh, we do think that encouraging local business and workforce will help the country creating added value and develop itself on the economic plan.


Having our own workshop allows us four things:
  • Create models from scratch
  • Change models as often as we want
  • Open customization options
  • Create a great family story with Amboh workers
  • Make tailor-made espadrilles according to each need, being more easily responsive to any specific demand
Furthermore, we would like to continue to develop the brand at the international scale to make from handmade Cambodian espadrilles an original must have for all.


Amboh has been approached so far by several magazines and social medias to explain deeper its concept, ambition and vision of running a business in Cambodia.
Here is the list of Amboh's press appearances. Clicking on the logo, you will reach all the articles and videos.


It is important for us to promote and work with designers, artists and creators, as we encourage as much as we can local businesses and start ups to make people more interested in buying from Cambodia.
We have already made several collaborations so far with various artists and designers, such as Raphael Seyfried - Travel Rolls, Bumi bags, Greg Mo Photography, Dai Khmer all on completely different projects. Developing collaborations is definitely part of our future ambitions & vision, as we do share the idea of creating something new with added value.
We love to hear from new creators, so do not hesitate to contact us via our Facebook page or directly via our website to let us know about you !

"Amboh enjoys from a real family atmosphere. We all know each other's lives, and offering better working conditions allow me to keep my workers longer and the acquired know-how through the years."
Sébastien GERTGEN, Founder